Knowledge Institute Of Nursing-Anand

Principal's Message

Dear Students,

KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE OF NURSING was started in the year 2016 with the foresight and vision of our Hon’ble Chairman, Shri Rajesh Chauhan to prepare professional nurses, in order to improve standards of nursing services through quality education. We offer programs like G.N.M. (General Nursing and Midwifery), B.Sc. Nursing. Our Institute is recognized by Gujarat Nursing Council, Gujarat and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and affiliated with Sardar Patel University, Vidhyanagar, Aanad.

Nursing is at cross roads with unlimited opportunities in the hospitals, communities, research and healthcare development programs.

With society’s increased recognition of Nurses contribution to improved health care, we are in a position to demonstrate our professional leadership.

KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE OF NURSING is equipped with qualified and competent teachers, good physical infrastructure, library and moreover students gets opportunity for clinical learning in parent hospital with 250 beds.

Nursing students do have benefit of contributions by interdisciplinary teaching faculty and ample opportunity for extracurricular activities as university has excellent facilities for the same. A commitment to excellence in teaching, research, service and leadership is the essence of our program.

I warmly invite you to be a proud nursing student of KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE OF NURSING.

Knowledge Institute Of Nursing